“Act Like a Plant” series completed 2018, on display at Sage Restaurant Tallahassee until May 27.

Statement for “Act Like a Plant” >>>More typically a figurative painter, I gave myself the challenge to create a series of flowers and fruit.  The images I chose to create give me a similar feeling as the woman’s figure: sensuality, beauty, regal strength, delicacy, power.  But the plants have taught me more than the human figure has.  These plants have much to teach humans:  Grow strong, take care, bathe in the sun, drink clean water, balance with roots firmly planted in the earth, embrace change, be graceful during every season, be confident in yourself, be patient, and do what you are made to do.

My 2017 painting SAVOR started as the muse for the series.  This piece celebrates the hot humid summer months when the bright sun reflects off the giant white magnolia blooms and the whole city is soaked with rain every afternoon.  Two more paintings were made with this playful summer feeling.  But it’s hard to evoke summer in January. 

Mostly made in winter months when darkness and stillness are prominent, black began to creep into the paintings.  Angular shapes took root on the canvas, circles were sliced in half with shades of grey.  These areas can be seen as the yin to the yang, the balance, the hibernation of beings.  And in these dark areas lies potential energy.  Is the spirit of a flower alive when the plant lay dormant?  What does the potential energy of a living being look like?  And so flower spirits were born.  Darkness paired with the vibrancy and lushness of the living thing creates more than just a pretty picture of a flower.  Rather, a symbol for our lives, the cycle of existence, the connection to mother earth, the wheel of fortune, the celebration of youth and vibrancy, and the celebration of aging and death.  What do you see?


2010 – 2014