Divine Fem Heart Opening Workshop

Join me in person October 9, 2021!


This offering is intended to create a safe and inspiring container for a small group to explore heart opening with creativity, yoga, breath work, meditation, and connection!  Giving more attention to the heart allows for a deeper connection with our true selves, our inner wisdom, our intuition, and our ability to give and receive love.  When we pay closer attention to our heart center, we begin to move out of our ego/ head and into loving authentic interactions with ourselves and the world around us.

Who is it for?

This workshop is open to anyone looking to deepen and awaken their connection to their heart center with creativity,  intuitive movement and beyond!  This is a wonderful experience for those who wish to explore sacred art making with a working artist.  This is also a great space for seasoned and aspiring yogis and curious beings!  This is a great way to study deeply with me, Amanda Boekhout.  No experience with art or yoga is required.  Having an open mind to new experiences is encouraged. 

About me 

My name is Amanda Boekhout and I make offerings to the divine.  I am qualified to teach both art and yoga.  I have been actively making work as an artist for over 20 years.  I have a masters degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University and have teaching experience in the arts.  I was an adjunct instructor for a total of 7 years at FSU.  I am a certified yoga instructor and teach in my community at CaliFlo yoga collective.  My personal studies currently include shamanic healing practices, intuitive energy healing modalities, mudra studies, devotional goddess practices, meditation, breath work, gut healing, yoga, and devotional art practices. I am interested in creating safe containers for physical, mental, and spiritual healing through awareness, art, and movement.  These workshops aim to combine all of my favorite things together into one immersive experience! 

Find more info about me and my artwork at divinefem.com

What to Expect

We will come together as a small group and bring attention to our heart center through a variety of experiences.  We will practice breathing, meditation, yoga, and creative art making.  

This 6 hour event also includes a vegan and keto friendly lunch.  

I am only offering 8-9 spaces for this event.  I trust that a healthy and kind group will gather together and share loving and healing energy as a collective offering to the divine.

When you sign up, you will receive an email with some heart opening exercises to practice one week before arriving at the workshop.


10 am- 4 pm

Please commit to being on time and participating for the whole day!

10 am- Introductions/ breath work/ heart center awareness 

We will arrive and gather together in comfortable seated positions.  We will introduce ourselves.  Vulnerability is welcome, come as you are! We will move into noticing our heart center and then mindfully breathing into the body.  I will guide you with some visualization practice as well that may inspire you for your artwork! 

11 am- Guided yoga practice

In this gentle and loving yoga practice, I will guide you to bring movement and breath together to activate, align, and shine your heart center.  Yoga is for every body!  All bodies and levels welcome. We are exactly who we should be right here and now.  Let us celebrate how far we have come and weave a loving path for our future. 

12 pm- Lunch 

I am providing a healthy high vibrational meal that is plant based and keto friendly. During lunch we will be able to casually hang out and nourish our bodies. You are welcome to bring your own food/ snacks/ non-alcoholic beverages if you wish!

1-3 pm- Creative expression/ art workshop focusing on the heart center!

I will provide the space, materials, and guidance to explore your creative spirit through art making!  The act of making artwork is an incredible way to flow with the divine feminine energies of the universe.  We will express ourselves with paint, pastels, drawing, and/or metal leafing.  I will offer a step by step guidance for making a piece that is inspired by the heart center/ anahata chakra. I will also provide source material for inspiration. You are welcome to bring your own art supplies or inspirational books if you wish. 

3-4 pm- Clean up art space and share our artwork.

After we have expressed ourselves fully, we will clean up a bit and let our artwork dry.  Then we will circle up and share our artwork and any thoughts we have gathered during our time together. We will support and uplift one another and then we will close our time together and move out into the world with radiant hearts!



I do realize I am offering workshops in the midst of a pandemic that won’t make up its mind. When making plans for your future, ask your heart what is the right choice for you.  Masks are optional for this event.  I trust that those who commit to this workshop take into consideration the state of the world we live in and the ebb and flow of the world virus taking place around us. 

I believe that this workshop is the energy we need in the world to allow us to break free of fear and move into love.  Due to the costs of the event that I am taking on, refunds will not be given.  If you do cancel your attendance, a $100 credit towards a future event or a work of art will be given instead. Thank you for understanding.   

If you have any questions about any portion of this description, feel free to reach out!  I am happy to elaborate and answer any questions to help you decide.  The best way to reach out is via email. chantspectacular@gmail.com with subject line “heart opening workshop” is great!  I also respond to direct messages on Instagram @divinefem