“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies” -Albert Einstein

What is Healy?

Healy is a revolutionary medical device that sends frequencies specific to your body’s energy field in order for you to heal more easily, feel good, align all parts of yourself to optimum functioning, and radiate in your highest vibration.  Healy scans your energetic field and works out where you are out of balance.  Then it delivers back to you the exact frequencies that you need to bring you back into harmony and balance. Healy works on ALL aspects of the human body and human experience. Physical, mental, emotional, meridians, chakras, learning, beauty, fitness, wealth, connection, relationships, productivity… the list goes on. There are millions of frequencies programmed into these devices and the usages are vast and wide.  Use the frequencies sent to your body to help heal: physical pain and illness, inflammation, chronic pain and auto immune issues, hormone imbalances, organs, skin, the gut, eyes, broken or sprained bones, sleep issues, PMS, brain health, the nervous system, the endocrine system, depression, mood swings, energetic blockages, and beyond.

Imagine a world where everyone is radiating at their highest frequency!  What does that world look like?  Let us imagine the possibilities.   It starts with BELIEVING  that we have the power to heal ourselves and, in turn, our world.  

I said yes to working with Healy because it beautifully aligns with my greater vision of healing for all at an accelerated rate.  Putting the power to heal literally in the palm of your hands is what is needed to fast track our whole collective into alignment and bliss.  Finding tools that allow the whole body to come into harmony is my greatest joy.  Bringing people into awareness about tools and practices available to heal deeply is my calling.  (to be clear- I am in an affiliate partnership with Healy) The time for frequency healing is NOW.  Collective quantum healing creates coherence, abundance and balance for all beings everywhere. 

This short video is also a great intro to Healy.

If you really want to geek out and get super excited about Healy watch an episode (or 5) of Cheat Codes

I’m happy to send you more info or we can chat! 

About my journey to Healy:

I have been on an intentional healing journey since 2018.  My search actively began when the pain in my body was no longer tolerable.  Every joint in my entire body was on fire with pain.  This caused my mental and emotional state to be pretty grim.  The person I was and the decisions I chose in my teens and 20’s (heavy drinking, poor diet, and minimal exercise) led me to a decade of dis-ease in my body.  In hindsight- I waited waaaaay too long to turn it around but I was only fully ready to embrace a change in my late 30’s.  

This quest for a pain free life first brought me to yoga.  I felt good in my body because I was actually embodied!  As an artist, I spent a LOT of time “out of body” and in a visionary state. Ahhhhh- now the body could share her wisdom with me and guide me to what I needed.  I was listening.

This led me to yoga teacher training (which was terrifying to say yes to), healing with plant medicine ceremonies (so much truth revealed and fear shed), then setting aside drinking alcohol.  This was pretty good but I still had pain.  Then I went for a deep gut healing program with support from a functional medicine doctor.  All of this combined brought me to a new level of healing.  I would be pretty good with my pain levels most days but still would have flares of pain.

Then I learned about Healy.  A bunch of divine goddess mamas who I love in the online space were blossoming before my eyes and they all had one thing in common- they were using the personal healing with frequency tool -Healy.

Something in me said – BUY THIS NOW!  Over and over I made excuses as to why I couldn’t afford it, how it was probably all hype, etc.  But my body would get SO EXCITED every time I would think about it.  So on an especially brave day- with my full body supporting me- I said YES.  And the rest is unfolding with amazing results.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, and financially!  Wow- I am so thankful for this gift of Healy.  A gift I gave myself because I BELIEVE that this tool is the key- the icing on top- to my healed and THRIVING life!

(at the bottom of this page I am sharing updates about my journey with Healy and the results I am seeing)

Change takes BRAVERY.  Healy is direct access to your most divine self.  If you are still here- you are curious. 

I would LOVE to talk to you about Healy and help you decide which version is best for your needs.  There are several versions and price points to consider and I am happy to help you make sense of it.  If you don’t already have my number- to schedule a call you can email chantspectacular@gmail.com or DM me on instagram or FB.  If you are a FULL BODY YES  like I was- check out Healy’s website by clicking your location below.  

Don’t see your location? Please reach out!

When you purchase a Healy using my personal link, you are supporting me, my family, the work I put into the world, a growing group of nurturing people, and beyond.  Think about where your money goes when you buy something from a giant corporation like Amazon.  We don’t think twice.  But currency really wants to flow into the hands of the healers, the mothers, the community of loving humans. Because money is energy and can be a loving and abundant exchange. 

If you are loving Healy and want to shout it from the rooftops like me- join my team! I am in a community of beautiful and nourishing souls who see the bigger picture when we all come into coherence.  The mission is to heal and thrive in all the ways possible- including financial.  Healy has a beautiful affiliate marketing partnership that truly shares the wealth with those who love it and share it.  I would love to co-create with you. I thank you for your consideration!

As stated above- before you purchase, I recommend scheduling a phone call with me!  

Checkout info:  When you are in the checkout area of the Healy site, you will have the option to pay in full via credit card or create a payment plan with a debit card using Klarna.  I used Klarna at checkout and was given the option to pay over 18 months.  Klarna takes your credit score into consideration when deciding if they wish to create a loan with you and what duration and percentage of interest they will offer you.  There are also options to create a payment plan through Chase and Amex credit cards if you set it up with your personal credit card account.  At this time, there is not a Paypal option.  You do have 14 days for a full refund if when all is said and done you decide the Healy isn’t the right fit for you. 


11/11/22- It has been 9 days since I have had my Healy.  When I received it, I was having a pain flare up at my neck and shoulders and I was physically fighting the flu.  I ran immune system programs and pain programs for the first two days to support.  Then on day 3 I began to understand the coaching app a little more and began scanning what Healy frequencies I am resonating the most with and running a program from the top of the list everyday.  On day 5 I started feeling “Healy high” as I like to call it.  Everything feels bubbly and euphoric.  I am experiencing waves of endorphins comparable to a “runner’s high”. This sensation continues to be present.  As a cannabis user, I am a friend of feeling high but this is different.  It feels like I am lighter and brighter.  My mood is pleasant and much more naturally positive.  I interact with a wide open heart instead of reacting with resistance.  I haven’t wanted to use cannabis or micro dose for 8 days. I just don’t crave it because I feel awesome.  Isn’t that something?  The most amazing part of my new Healy journey is my excitement for life and my energy increase.  I used to roll out of bed most days not having slept well and then feeling exhausted and in need of a nap everyday about 3 pm.  This past week, I have had no need for a nap.  Poof- I have constant and sustained energy.  I don’t feel the spikes of energy and exhaustion.  I have stamina, endurance.  I want to exercise and clean and finish my projects.  It is WILD.  So there you go.  One week down in the books.  I can only image who I will become with the aid of this tool in a month, two months, 6 months, a year!  The possibilities are truly endless.  I am aligning with my most delicious self. 

11/19/22- In the past- like clockwork- I get PMS before my menstrual cycle.  About three days before I would get irritable, defensive, want to fight or flight around my family, and have junk food cravings and need long naps.  I did buy some delicious grain free vegan nacho cheese chips and ate them up with some avocado and salsa but that was the extent of my premenstrual happenings.  Just over 2 weeks with the Healy- now running about 6 programs a day on myself- and VOILA- I had NONE of my regular PMS symptoms.  When I started spotting last night, I was kind of mind blown.  This device is really working to bring my body/mind/spirit into harmony!  I am overjoyed with the results I have experienced.  And I just keep thinking “this is just the beginning!!” Imagine how I will feel in 3 months?  This truly is the icing on top of all of my other self care practices. Feeling extremely supported. xx

12/04/22- December! Wow.  Healy traveled with me to Costa Rica last week and was really helpful in soothing me in the airport.  In the past, I have had a lot of nausea on airplanes.  During takeoff- my heart would literally pound and I would make sure I knew where the barf bag was just in case.  I’m not sure what caused it- anxiety probably although I have never liked admitting that I would have anxiety.  I like to think that everyone’s perfumes and detergents stuffed in a tube is what bothers me.  This recent trip had me on a total of 7 airplanes (two tiny little planes) and 4 of them I was in the middle seat on full flights. I did not feel any of my usual symptoms.  In fact, I looked around at all the beautiful people and was thankful to have them with me.  There’s a new level of compassion and community brewing within me.  Beyond flight- I genuinely have so much love for everyone.  When drama happens outside of me, I gently smile and honor the path of others.  I see the bigger picture and my place in it.  I feel such an urge to tell EVERYONE about Healy yet at the same time I know that the best work I can do is to align myself fully.  Become the rainbow body- radiant and vibrant in a clean luminous energy body.  Truly being in alignment will organically align those who are ready for this healing with me as their mentor to me. 

The business side of Healy has shown me such vast generosity.  I joined the affiliate biz side at the perfect time with amazing black friday sales propelling me into becoming a team builder and actively mentoring several beautiful people to better understand their devices and the biz side.  We are so cared for in this team.  There are so many nurturing mamas in the community that share, inspire, and support us on demand.  The weekly zoom calls with this larger community have my heart singing.  This is the new paradigm of business.  Working alongside raising children and traveling.  Being truly authentic on the path.  Being vulnerable.  Sisterhood.  Essentially the business side of Healy is being welcomed home in the giant circle of beings who are actively aligning themselves to their highest frequency- walking the walk.  Wow.  I feel truly blessed to have had the courage to say yes and go ALL IN right at the start.  The quantum field allows for accelerated healing in so many ways.  Including how to run a business within a supporting and GENEROUS company.