Humans are complex creatures. We have been overcomplicating our health and happiness. 

Here’s your invitation to elegantly simplify your wellness with WATER.

Hydrogen, the first element in the periodic table is responsible of all of the life on the planet!  Hydrogen is tiny and full of vitality and very hard to contain.  However, the wisdom and precision of Nuno Nina, a Portuguese wellness practitioner, has fine tuned the ability to hold the perfect amount of molecular hydrogen to invite the body to heal with simplicity.

What are the benefits of including the optimal amount of molecular hydrogen into our bodies on a daily basis?  See for yourself…

Nuno Nina has been offering people optimization in health and wellness with the addition of molecular hydrogen in his personal clinic in Lisbon, Portugal for over seven years.  Seeing incredible results in his patients inspired him to handcraft the perfect vessel to house the miracle molecule.  His dream is for everyone to have access to water that has the healing qualities of the water that once flowed through the earth before modernity harmed her resources.  This dream has birthed LumiVitae.

The CellPower bottle is the first offering in the products rolling out from the company of LumiVitae. A mini planet you hold in your hands.  A way to simplify your wellness journey with pristine elegance and grace. 

Below is an incredible educational video (19 minutes) on molecular hydrogen and why CellPower by LumiVitae is the best tool to receive it by Carrie Drinkwine.  Highly highly recommend watching this if you are at all interested in a daily practice with the miracle molecule and why this bottle is worth the investment in your wellness.

The CellPower vessel is so much more than a water bottle.  It has been meticulously handcrafted by Nuno himself.  Every single crevice has been custom made to ensure the best possible molecular hydrogen product on the market. 

He is quite the perfectionist and his lab has tested ALL the other hydrogen bottles and supplements on the market and guess what?  They don’t actually contain any hydrogen (it is a tiny molecule and great at escaping!) OR if they do, they are zapping the water with too much electricity creating free radicals that you DON’T want to be ingesting. 

You will for sure find other hydrogen water bottles on the market that cost less. Steer clear of them, they are not safe. (there are no regulations on hydrogen or any supplement for that matter)

If you are going to invest in molecular hydrogen, LumiVitae is the only company worthy of your trust at this time. 

The results for the CellPower water bottle have been incredible and the testimonials keep rolling in.  Remember the list of benefits above?  The support of inflammation, headaches, stomach support, energy, and vitality have been amazing for many!  I’m keeping a journal below if you’d like to read about what I’ve been experiencing.


How to use:

The vessel comes with a one page set of instructions for use It says EVERYTHING you need to know about using your bottle so make sure you read it all the way through! 

The most important things to know: NO TAP WATER! Only filtered and spring water are suitable for the optimal functioning of the vessel. And the 9 minute hydrogen program is only for screwing the base into larger water bottles. Stick to the 3 or 6 minute program for the amount of water that fits in the bottle. And no solvents or soaps to clean, simply put warm lemon water inside to clean out. (all of this is in the instructions)

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December 17, 2023

Today is day 9 with the bottle and OH MY GODDESS this is such a blast to use!  

We drink water anyway, why not infuse it with the healing miracle molecule of HYDROGEN?  This is exactly what the bottle offers and I have been taking full advantage of it’s functionality.  For me, I immediately felt a beautiful flutter of tingly ALIVENESS all throughout my body.  I still do!!! It is absolutely like nothing I have ever felt in my sober body before.  There’s just SO MUCH LIFE happening inside of me!

Right off the bat I had amazing inspired energy.  Not the kind of energy that is tweaking out from caffeine or pharmaceuticals, this is SUSTAINABLE and naturally occurring energy of my body when it has space and support to create it!

Then came the brain functioning.  Or shall I say high functioning!! All of a sudden it is as if procrastination isn’t even in my being anymore! I wake up inspired to focus on my soul’s work. I’m so CLEAR and focused and inspired!! It’s absolutely a new thing for me to be this high functioning in my brain!!

Overall, I’m so elated to be alive probably because I can feel this little miracle molecule coursing LIFE through my veins and throughout all of my systems. 

More soon! xo Amanda

January 15, 2024

It has been over a month since I have been using my vitality vessel daily and what a huge and amazing elevation in all things body/mind/spirit!  My drive/ determination/ devotion has literally never been better.  I am rearing to GO everyday with sustained energy and limitless inspiration to tend to my passions and happily serve myself, my family, my home, my pets with a wide open heart!  As someone who spent 15 years depressed and not really into being a human on earth, the grins and smiles that have become my resting face is still taking a little getting used to.  I LOVE this overflowing love and inspiring version of me.  wowza!

I feel like I have gotten more off my to do list in a month than I have all last year and I am not even drinking coffee or much caffeine except for a cup of MUDWTR a day. Im so in love and I have turned on the bottle to several friends who are all coming back with incredible results already too.  I cant believe the SIMPLICITY of this wellness practice. Plus the bottle is a supermodel- very aesthetically pleasing. YAY!

January 31, 2024

Wowza the things I am witnessing my friends say about their experience with their bottles and the miracle molecule is incredibe.  One of my friends is about 2 weeks in and she is feeling so alive!  She says that if feels like the plaque of all the past versions of her is just falling away and she’s not used to so much life within her!

Another friend broke her arm and had to go through quite an intense surgery and attributes the hydrogen along with frequencies via Healy as tools that are significantly supporting her healing process. And her confidence is blooming in beautiful ways.

As for me, I am normalizing joy and bliss.  I am still buzzing with life and inspiration daily. I feel the embodiment of miracles coursing through my entire being.  You can’t make this shit up.  Life is BEAUTIFUL and I’m pouring love love love into every moment and aligning to how I can best serve the greater good with my energy!


LumiVitae is a high vibrational company that has a bigger vision for the wellness of the world and all beings everywhere. The only way these bottles are sold is through affiliate partnerships.  I am humbled by the divine assignment I have accepted to be a partner with LumiVitae. 

LumiVitae is an incredibly generous company.  This affiliate partnership is easy because the product is so easy to use, explain, and share. AND it is GORGEOUS!  I call my bottle Lumi and she is a SUPERMODEL waterbottle, lol! No but really. 

If you would like to become an affiliate and want to know the details of the perks before you purchase, just reach out to me at [email protected] with a note about LumiVitae affiliate partnership details and I’ll send you a PDF! I would love for you to join me on this journey whether it is simply to elevate your wellness or elevate your wealth as well through partnership with me as your guide. 



ps.  See all my offerings by browsing the full menu on my website!  I make art, art and mindful courses, create retreats, events, and workshops, teach yoga, work with other biohacking wellness tools, and beyond! xo