It is time for a proper revival of high vibrational frequencies on the planet! 

The wise spring on this land wishes for community to gather and be ACTIVATED by sweet offerings and experiences. 

Join us for workshops, sound baths, cacao ceremony, Frequency lounge, dancing, yoga, PLAY, meditation, speakers, vendors, Frequency church, and more.

Gather, play, & Activate!

PLUS swim in a private spring!

Adults only, all genders welcome!

Tent camp on the land or stay off site.

This is a zero alcohol event. Day passes available.

Come and co-create this experience with us!  We are all sharing our energy with each other and the world all the time.  When we practice instructing our energy with high vibrational frequency, we step into a more conscious co-creation with all beings everywhere. When we vibe high, we all benefit and support the planet as a whole. 


Join us August 4-6, 2023 for an immersive and interactive weekend retreat!



EARLY BIRD tickets are LIMITED & on sale Friday May 19 – Sunday May 28 OR when they sell out. 

Regular price ($222) weekend pass tickets begin when early bird tickets are sold out or on May 29 (whatever comes first). 

Saturday and Sunday passes available.

Day passes are available for Saturday only.

A weekend pass does not include camping or lodging. 

You may choose to stay off site.    

All VIP spaces are BOOKED. 

Please add on primitive camping passes if you plan to camp.  Camping spaces first come/first serve in a beautiful field close to the action.  Parking is right around the corner from tent camping area.

Water filling stations, port-o-lets and hand washing stations available to accommodate up to 80 people for the weekend. BYO tents, camp kitchens, coolers, etc. 

Make & pack your own meals and/or be a patron of the food trucks on site! 


We seek collaborations with public and private sponsors.  See the full list of options HERE.


Work/Trade opportunities are limited. We are still seeking a Saturday overnight security person.  All other work/trade spots have been filled.  Interested and 100% available August 4-6? Email [email protected] with subject line “REVIVAL work/trade” to apply for security position in exchange for a full weekend pass.

THIS IS A ZERO ALCOHOL EVENT.  No exceptions.  Please respect the intention of this offering.  No illegal drugs onsite.

This weekend retreat style event and all workshops and offerings has been catered to adults of all genders.  It is requested that children and pets stay home. 

This event is OUTSIDE.  The only indoor spaces are the VIP lodging which have been filled.  We are creating cabana style covered spaces to lounge and play and will consider all possible ways to make you comfortable in the summer heat. These are the dog days of summer in Florida.  In the late Florida summer, it is hot and occasionally will rain to cool us off. 

We will treat the spaces for mosquitoes and ticks before you arrive but cannot guarantee the absence of bugs.  We have access to TWO of the springs on the land for swimming.  The spring is ancient and WILD.  There have been sightings of wild animals like snakes and alligators but they are very rare and will likely hide with all of us present.


There are water filling stations but we recommend bringing jugs of drinking water for consumption and proper hydration. We will have shaded areas and a mist tent to cool off as well.  The spring is about 69 degrees year round and will always be available for cooling off!

You will be required to check off a “terms & conditions” area with your ticket purchase regarding all of the info above and taking your wellbeing and safety into your own hands. 

Because this is an alcohol free event, the coherence of the community will be more aligned to a safe and harmonious time for all.

In the terms & conditions, you will find that there are NO refunds due to weather.  Come prepared!



Amanda Boekhout of DIVINEFEM and creator of FREQUENCY REVIVAL has been devoted to a daily practice with frequency for seven months.  Using a device that sends high vibrational frequencies into the body via the quantum field has accelerated the optimization of her body/mind/emotions/spirit.  Understanding & building a relationship with frequency has become Amanda’s passion.  

In late April 2023, Amanda was out at the spring on the land and received a vision for an activation portal for the community.  The full download was received direct from the magic that this land holds.  Amanda knew she had to say YES to this gift from spring spirit and bring the people to this sacred land and water.  

So birthed REVIVAL. 

REVIVAL is not quite a festival and not quite a retreat.  It’s also not affiliated with any specific religion or spiritual lineage.

It is a portal for activations of high vibrational frequencies.  Co-creating with mother Earth and the community, Amanda and this event offers an immersive experience for the community to gather, share, learn, teach, hold space, receive, offer, play, dance, & more!  

Come and co-create this experience with us!  We are all sharing our energy with each other and the world all the time.  When we practice instructing our energy with high vibrational frequency, we step into a more conscious co-creation with all beings everywhere. When we vibe high, we all benefit and support the planet as a whole. 

Everything begins as a practice.  Practice becomes habit.  Habit becomes skill.  Skill becomes alchemy. To transform into what we desire to be and see in the world, we must begin with mastering our own personal practice with ENERGY with optimal frequencies. 

During the event, Amanda will offer a talk called I AM a Rainbow Body Now where she will share in depth about instructing energy with frequency.  She will also share how the quantum field plays a huge part in aligning to our most radiant versions AKA our rainbow bodies.  Amanda is affiliated with the frequency device called Healy.  She will mention this device in her discussion and she and her team will be offering complementary Healy frequency activation sessions in the “Frequency Lounge” on site for those who wish to experience this offering.  

This event is inspired by the sacred spring and land surrounding, my personal daily practice with high vibe frequency, and all of you.

You are divine and full of unconditional love.  You have all the power to thrive in this life and then ripple out this love to the entire planet! 

Come as you are, take what serves you, leave what doesn’t, & mind your frequency!  See you there.


List of experiences for REVIVAL!

Workshops, talks, embodiment practices, dance party DJ’s, community focused gatherings and beyond :

Angel Di Armendi with Redhills Healing is leading our cacao ceremony & offering a talk called “Integrating Plant Medicine.”

Carol Christensen with Sound Resonance is leading our sound ceremony during the cacao ceremony. She will also be offering a handful of intimate sessions at the Frequency Lounge.

Corey Ghazvini,  Acupuncturist, will offer “The Yin & Yang of Light, a lecture on electromagnetism and life.”

Alexis Barnett, owner of our sponsors Crystal Portal & Crystal Springs Airbnb, is offering a sound bath during Frequency Church on Sunday. 

Nicole Kraeft, event coordinator and behind the scenes magical weaver, is offering a guided meditation during Frequency Church.  

Amanda Boekhout, host and visionary of REVIVAL, is offering yoga sessions, “I am a Rainbow Body Now” talk, and sessions at the Frequency Lounge.  

Julia & Brad are offering “A Journey into Structured Water” discussion.  Julia will also offer a few tuning fork sessions in the Frequency Lounge on Saturday!

Teylor Parks offers “Pole & Positivity,”  a body positive pole workshop!

Jessica Torel, shaman, will offer a plant medicine talk.

Leah Isabelle with Alchemy of Song will offer a workshop “Sacred Siren Song- voice activation”

Summer Shine offers “Embodied Intelligence- A conversation for pelvic bowl awakening.”  Summer will discuss the energetics of the pelvic bowl and practices that enable us to cleanse and clear the sacral space of our being. Summer is also offering private sessions for an add on experience.

Angie offers an an ecstatic dance DJ experience on Friday night!

Amani Trips- Jordan will inspire us to activate our rainbow bodies with amazing music for our dance party on Saturday night!

Jessica Clark offers a community reiki healing during our cacao and sound ceremony.

Suz Nellis offers “Moon Flower Meditation” an immersive plant frequency experience for the inward journey.

Lydia Reidell offers Qigong practices and meditations in the mornings.  

Anita Nix with Feather & Bone, an Earth spirit collection will vend throughout the event. Anita will also lead drumming times.

Alina Amador, visionary art vendor, will offer interactive painting experiences.

Moonstone Finds- Brandy & Ben.

Galactic Popcycle- cold and sweet treats for a hot summer day!