It is time for a proper revival of high vibrational frequencies on the planet! 

The wise spring on this land wishes for community to gather and be ACTIVATED by sweet offerings and experiences. 

Join us for workshops, sound baths, cacao ceremony, Frequency lounge, dancing, yoga, PLAY, meditation, speakers, vendors, Frequency church, and more.

Gather, play, & Activate!

PLUS swim in a private spring!

Adults only, all genders welcome!

Tent camp on the land or stay off site.

This is a zero alcohol event. Day passes available.

Come and co-create this experience with us!  We are all sharing our energy with each other and the world all the time.  When we practice instructing our energy with high vibrational frequency, we step into a more conscious co-creation with all beings everywhere. When we vibe high, we all benefit and support the planet as a whole. 


Join us August 2-4, 2024 for an immersive and interactive weekend retreat!


All on site lodging spaces are listed separately.  They do NOT include tickets so please purchase your tickets separately.  There is ONE more on site sleeping space left.  It can be booked HERE.

Please add a car pass if you are driving in.  This is to encourage CARPOOLING! Pretty please coordinate with other folks and drive in together!

Please add on primitive camping passes if you plan to camp.  Camping spaces first come/first serve in a beautiful field close to the action.  Parking is right around the corner from tent camping area.

Port-o-lets and hand washing stations available to accommodate up to 140 people for the weekend. BYO tents, camp kitchens,  coolers, WATER,  etc. An outdoor shower has been built off of the warehouse near the camping area!!! YAY!

Make & pack your own meals and/or be a patron of the food trucks on site! 


We seek collaborations with public and private sponsors.  See the full list of options HERE.


Work/Trade opportunities are available. Applications open NOW.

THIS IS A ZERO ALCOHOL EVENT.  No exceptions.  Please respect the intention of this offering.  No illegal drugs onsite.

This weekend retreat style event and all workshops and offerings has been catered to adults of all genders.  It is requested that children and pets stay home. 

This event is OUTSIDE.  The only indoor spaces are the on site lodging which have been filled.  We have tents, cabana style covered spaces, and two flow spaces (not air conditioned)  to lounge and play and will consider all possible ways to make you comfortable in the summer heat. These are the dog days of summer in Florida.  In the late Florida summer, it is hot and occasionally will rain to cool us off. 

We will treat the spaces for mosquitoes and ticks before you arrive but cannot guarantee the absence of bugs.  We have access to ONE of the springs on the land for swimming.  The spring is ancient and WILD.  There have been sightings of wild animals like snakes and alligators but they are very rare and will likely hide with all of us present.


We recommend bringing jugs of drinking water for consumption and proper hydration. We will have shaded areas and a mist tent to cool off as well.  The spring is about 69 degrees year round and will always be available for cooling off!

You will be required to check off a “terms & conditions” area with your ticket purchase regarding all of the info above and taking your wellbeing and safety into your own hands. 

Because this is an alcohol free event, the coherence of the community will be more aligned to a safe and harmonious time for all.

In the terms & conditions, you will find that there are NO refunds due to weather.  Come prepared!


Here are the details of the experiences and facilitators for 2024’s REVIVAL 

All who come to REVIVAL are welcome to partake in these offerings!  Choose your favorites and receive these community offerings!


Melody Alayon offers Eating in Alignment: Chakras and the Art of Nourishment. 

Discover how balancing the lower four energy centers can transform your relationship with food. Let go of overwhelming food information and explore how past traumas can create energetic imbalances, impacting your physical health and relationship with food. Learn to deepen your connection to lifestyle practices and daily food choices to heal and balance your energetic body.

AND Melody guides Heart and Sacral Tune Up Yoga.  A transformative journey of self-discovery. This unique offering is designed to realign the body and soul, creating a harmonious balance between physical and energetic well-being.

Physically, this class will focus on unrounding the shoulders, creating space in the hips, and aligning the spine through a series of yoga postures. These movements will help release tension and tightness, allowing for greater freedom of movement and improved posture.

Energetically, Melody will guide you in opening up to receive divine love and compassion, creating a sacred space for emotional release and healing. Through breathwork and meditation, you will connect with your heart and sacral chakras, activating feelings of self love and healthy pleasure.

Melody is deeply committed to holistic well-being and specializes in creating yoga practices that blend anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and energy work. With a 500-hour yoga certification from the Yoga and Ayurveda Center, she offers a diverse array of classes, including dynamic vinyasa, prenatal sessions, and chakra-focused practices.

Continuously expanding her knowledge, Melody is currently pursuing an MS in human nutrition and functional medicine, deepening her understanding of the mind-body connection.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Melody cherishes her role as a mother to two sons and finds solace in spending as much time as possible at the beach. Her passion for wellness extends beyond personal practice, as she actively engages with the Tallahassee community offering classes at CaliFlo Yoga Collective, Verity Health Center and other local venues where she shares her expertise with attendees of all ages and backgrounds.


Lydia Riedell offers Bathing in Golden Light Qigong and Sound Meditation: Strengthen and Nourish Your CORE and BIOFIELD 

Lydia’s offering in her own words: “Join me for Sunday Morning Qigong where I will teach you the practice of Bathing in the Golden Light! Golden Light is originally sourced from the Cosmos as Ultraviolet Light, which is intelligent and programmable Light that transforms into Golden Light when it encounters your BIOFIELD and physical body. Light codes with a unique resonance to your field (like your fingerprint) are contained within Golden Light and help you evolve in this lifetime. Sunday Morning, we focus on our CORE; specifically, the Celestial Eye (Pineal Gland), Heart Center, and Lower Dantien (Elixir Field) AND surrounding BIOFIELD, followed by a Sound Meditation to integrate!”

Lydia’s Bio: I am.


Breathe in Color offers Pole & Positivity

🌞Teylor invites participants on a journey of self discovery and empowerment combining the art of pole fitness with wellness tools.

This year, the class will focus on nourishing sacral chakra energy through meditation and pole dancing! The first half of the workshop will include guided meditations and affirmations for creativity and sensuality. The second half of the workshop will include fun pole moves to open up any sacral blocks.

This Saturday workshop is open to all who wish to explore. Teylor is a loving and grounded guide and breaks down the ways to move with the pole so it feels accessible and fun!🤩

🌈Connect with all that Breathe in Color offers the community here.


Claire Solomon offers Introduction to the Principles of Gyrotonic

Aiming for more freedom in your body? Come experience an introductory class taught by Claire on the Principles of Gyrotonic. We will focus on building your knowledge of the basics and having fun doing it. Prepare to swirl, wave, activate your seed center, and spiral the waters within… while being inspired by the cenote’s magic.

Claire is a Certified Instructor of the Gyrotonic Expansion System™

From Claire: “I’m a lifelong believer of movement as medicine. Dance is a form of meditation I use frequently to release emotions. It is my desire to share the joy we can experience swirling ourselves from within by combining dynamic, energetic, and somatic motion. I’ve been a certified instructor of The Gyrotonic Expansion System™ since 2015 while continuing my education in the modality.” 

Learn more here!


Ivana offers Siren Song Serenade & Tribal Trap Trance Dance

Ivana, aka @theresonantalchemist, transforms and transmits resonant healing frequencies through her primarily sound-based gifts. Her alluring voice embodies ancient wisdom, inspiring inner harmony and connection through both  her channeled song and her grounding yoga nidra. 

We are so grateful to be blessed with TWO facilitations from her this year! Ivana will be offering a siren song sound bath, blessing the spring and our energetic bodies, incorporating her magical yoga nidra for energetic guidance. 

Ivana will ALSO be leading an ecstatic dance, beginning with embodied meditation, gentle yoga, then taking us through à tribal trap trance dance journey, and finally bringing us all the way back to the ground for another closing yoga nidra. 

Ivana’s offerings will embody connection to self and sensuality while evoking and stimulating the state of willingness to receive.

Beyond the festival, Ivana tends to The Pyramid’s grounds, nurturing gardens, both food and medicinal, and transforming the Warehouse into a play space for connection, flow, and healing. In every aspect, she embodies conscious evolution, urging others to embrace life’s magic.

Priestess of the Pyramid, Siren of the Spring, and Witch of the Warehouse, Ivana’s vibrations resonate through the space in forms of entrancing tribal trap ecstatic dance, siren song serenade, and beautification of the grounds and their structures. 


Ecstatic dance with Eklectic Visions 

Birthed in 2023, electronic music producers Recept (Brad) and The Blossom Seed (Violet) join forces to create a lovely eklectic duo!

Eklectic Visions infuses psytronica, melodic melodies, DnB, & electronica to explore invocational soundscapes. Brad’s passion for sound design and Violet’s rhythmic melodies & vocal chants create a container full of mystical and Eklectic enchantments.


Trine offers a potent Sound Ceremony 

Meet Trine, a trio of dedicated sound healing practitioners on a mission to bring harmony and well-being through the power of sound. 

Trine exists to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern wellness. Our purpose is to introduce as many people as possible to the profound benefits of sound healing. We aim to dissolve the misconceptions that have shrouded sound healing, replacing skepticism with curiosity, and making well-being more accessible to everyone.

Our journey is guided by a vision of a world where vibrational medicine is acknowledged and embraced for its profound healing potential.


Alena Hennessy offers Flower Mandala Co-Creation & Abstract Color Play Co-Creation

Alena (A-lee-na) Hennessy is a lover of fluid color, botanical detail, and heartfelt expression. She shares, “I feel we are all born to create and there is no such thing as perfection in the name of creativity. The only perfection is the coming and going of this breath, which keeps us alive… all else is play.

My life’s work is to open people up to the rich understanding that they are gifted just as they are and to make art by expressing the flawed beauty or Wabi Sabi aesthetic. From understanding the principles of art we can then break them and grow as artists. I believe we are here to know ourselves as intimately as possible, for that is how we show up for our own care and thus others, which the world so desperately needs at this time.

I have been teaching art for over 17 years, with thousands of students participants enrolled in my online classes. I lead retreats and workshops both at my studio and around the world. I also have 4 books out on painting, the creative process, and flower essences and have exhibited in galleries and a few museums. Ultimately, my sincere interest also lies in connecting to Nature, Spirit, and our shared humanity. Being a Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and space holder for women infuses into every aspect of my work.”

Flower Mandala Co-Creation 🌹🏵️🪷🌸

Using local botanicals, leaves, blooms, and seeds, Alena will create a flower mandala with the community to set the tone of honoring the land and sacred waters to infuse the magic of the intention of this retreat. With our unified frequency, we will elevate yet ground to receive the nurturing healing harmony of Gaia and her gifts. 

Abstract Color Play Co-Creation 🌈🌈🌈

With guided prompts, we will weave the fluidity of color and movement together into one large painting (on rolled canvas or paper). Teamwork is the dreamwork as each participant will get to take a piece of this painting home later. A little dance and music makes this collaborative piece even more juicy. Come elevate into rainbow creation magic.


Angel De Armendi offers Integrating Plant Medicine & co-facilitates the cacao ceremony!

Angel truly fulfills his namesake. His frequency is magnificent and his shared wisdom is potent.

For our event, Angel will offer the loving discussion Integrating Plant Medicine. He will also guiding our Saturday evening cacao ceremony alongside Alexis and Corey this year!

Angel offers so much to the community of Tallahassee. Find all of his love offerings at Red Hills Healing.


Megan Gillman offers Natural Movement Yoga

We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. 

With everything we do, even yoga, we have a choice about how we approach it, and when we focus on forming the perfect “pose” or holding very still, we can lose the very sense of connection with our body we came here looking for! This workshop will remind you of the principles of natural movement (you probably moved a lot like this as a kid!) and bring them into a yoga flow in a way that makes hard poses feel easy and fun! If you’ve ever thought that yoga wasn’t for you because you’re not flexible enough or can’t make those shapes, this movement practice will help you find a way to enjoy yoga in a way that feels like YOU! And if you’ve been doing yoga for a while, this practice will help you unlock a feeling of flow and ease!

Megan Gillman is a Life Coach who works with highly motivated, high-achieving women to help them overcome the stress, overwhelm, and burnout that often accompany perfectionism. Her work is informed by her philosophy as a yoga teacher and along with cognitive behavior-change models she incorporates embodiment work and somatic movement to help her clients release long-held patterns in a way that feels safe and easy.

She’s also a certified yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast, and host of the podcast I Hope This Finds You where she indulges her passion for having deep conversations with intelligent and inspiring women.

Since entering her motherhood era she’s become even more dedicated to helping passionate women create balance in their lives – because the world would be so much better if all these brilliant moms weren’t always struggling so hard to keep “doing all the the things” and trying to look perfect doing it.


Ryan Sullivan offers Thai Scarf Massage for Lower Chakras

Experience the graceful fluidity and effortless effectiveness of Thai Scarf Massage. Use beautiful, hand-woven fabric to treat yourself and others to high-quality bodywork without any strain or pain. Learn to open and revitalize the lower chakras through movement, stretches and compression of the legs, hips and back. This is a rare artform but worthy of being brought to the forefront. This style is truly a game changer. Appropriate for everyone from beginners to professionals. 

Ryan Sullivan, of Higher Level Healing, has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. He teaches many workshops on Thai Massage, Cupping, Reiki and Sound Healing. He strives to make the complicated seem simple and the serious seem fun. His mission is to have each and every student feeling confident to help themselves and others, all while having an enjoyable time filled with laughter and rejuvenation. Learning with Ryan is like having a spa-day while also developing new skills.  Learn more about Ryan and book your next thai massage HERE!


Chelsea Mueller offers ‘Tending My Garden’

In this women’s only workshop, participants will explore personal thresholds of presence, peace, intimacy, and pleasure.

With the help of the rose, offering its ancient codes and medicine, we invite the divine feminine to emerge, offering safety in expression and beauty.

Come as you are and leave with a deeper felt understanding of your inherent permission to soften and take up luscious space.

For over a decade, Chelsea has dedicated herself to self-study, delving into understanding her dysregulated nervous system and seeking ways to strengthen and soothe it.

To her, the body is akin to a marvelous kitchen, where homemade cooking fosters prosperity, peace, power, and self-devotion. Chelsea’s passion thrives in movement, expression, and, above all, authenticity. 


Luce offers Elemental Rhythm ™ Breakthrough Experience Breathwork Session

The  Elemental Rhythm ™ Breakthrough Experience  will have you breathing with the elements and deep guided meditation to raise your vibration, connect with yourself, find clarity, and heal your heart.

About Luce:

WHO I AM: Daughter, partner, step-mom, grandmom, dog mom, cat mom, chicken mom, bee mom, cyclist,  trauma-informed, teacher, student, Elemental Rhythm ™ certified breathwork facilitator, British Academy of Sound Therapy certified sound therapist, gardener, recovering addict, recovering accountant, gardener, music lover,  traveler,  adventurer, lover of life.

WHO I ASPIRE TO BE:  Vessel of love, light, and healing.  


Renèe Vinson offers Shakti Heart Flow

Renée has been a lover of movement since four years old, from gymnastics, to different styles of dance to the hypnotizing art form of prop manipulation with hula hoops. Renèe found yoga in the depths of suffering and addiction. which led to a deep dive into the practice of what it means to walk a yogic life, she became fully devoted to the practice in early 2019. Renee’s goal and passion is to remind people of their true nature that is a world of peace within, while making peace with all that is without. It is Renèe’s pleasure and life mission to share the tools she’s gathered along her own yoga journey and share it with others so that they may be well equipped with the tools they need on their unique path, emotionally spiritually and physically. 

Renèe will cultivate a liberating yet challenging flow 75 minute Shakti Heart Flow! Opening with Wim Hofs breath technique that drops you into your body prepping you to transition into a powerful dance like flow where you are encouraged to explore your edges and tap into your primal nature! Come play! More about Renée on IG here.


Brad Venable offers Ecstatic Chair Massage sessions 

Brad will offer a limited number of complimentary 15 minute sessions on Saturday in the Frequency Lounge.  First come, first serve.

From Brad: “Hello Frequency Revival! My name is Brad, I am a licensed massage therapist in the Tallahassee area. I have a passion for helping people realize their true potential and giving them the ability to integrate with their own healing journey through massage & body work! I am very excited to be joining you all in the creation of a truly transformative experience!” Learn more here.


Julia Scott offers Craniosacral & Somatic Sound Healing with Tuning Forks 

Julia will offer a limited number of complimentary 15 minute sessions on Saturday in the Frequency Lounge.  First come, first serve.

From Julia:

“Hello Revival community! I am Julia and I own Empowering Dreams Wellness in Tallahassee Florida @empoweringdreamswellnessI am a Sound and Somatic Massage Therapist who specializes in Sound Healing with Tuning and Acupressure Forks. I also specialize in Craniosacral, Energy Work and Reiki. 

I am passionate about Structured Water and unlocking human potential through Body, Cranial, and Soundwork.  By unwinding stagnant and turbulent energy, we become free of our karmic patterns and greater connected to our mind, body and spirit. In this state of consciousness, our ego dies and we see ourselves as one. 

I look forward to being present with my community and sharing my unique and intuitive practice of Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and Craniosacral with you all! 






Amanda Boekhout of DIVINEFEM and creator of FREQUENCY REVIVAL has been devoted to a daily practice with frequency for 18 months and counting.  She began by using a device that sends high vibrational frequencies into the body via the quantum field and accelerated the optimization of her body/mind/emotions/spirit. 

Since then, Amanda has become a frequency keeper and works with frequency in a variety of ways beyond modern wellness tech. 

Understanding & building a relationship with frequency has become one of Amanda’s greatest passions.  

In late April 2023, Amanda was out at the spring on the land and received a vision for an activation portal for the community.  The full download was received direct from the magic that this land holds.  Amanda knew she had to say YES to this gift from spring spirit and bring the people to this sacred land and water.  

So birthed REVIVAL. 

REVIVAL is not quite a festival and not quite a retreat.  It’s also not affiliated with any specific religion or spiritual lineage.

It is a portal for activations of high vibrational frequencies.  Co-creating with mother Earth and the community, this event offers an immersive experience for the community to gather, share, learn, teach, hold space, receive, offer, play, dance, & more!  

Come and co-create this experience with us for YEAR TWO!  We are all sharing our energy with each other and the world all the time.  When we practice instructing our energy with high vibrational frequency, we step into a more conscious co-creation with all beings everywhere. When we vibe high, we all benefit and support the planet as a whole. 

Everything begins as a practice.  Practice becomes habit.  Habit becomes skill.  Skill becomes alchemy. To transform into what we desire to be and see in the world, we must begin with mastering our own personal practice with ENERGY with optimal frequencies. 

This event is inspired by the sacred spring and land surrounding, my personal daily practice with high vibe frequency, and all of you.

The themes of YEAR TWO focus on creativity, embodiment, and the ability to fully receive.  These are all qualities of the sacral chakra, the energy center that is under the belly button, above the root chakra.  The sacral chakra shines the color orange. All the facilitators will consider these themes for their offerings to the REVIVAL community for 2024!

You are divine and full of unconditional love.  You have all the power to thrive in this life and then ripple out this love to the entire planet! 

Come as you are, take what serves you, leave what doesn’t, & mind your frequency!  See you there.


List of experiences from our first year- 2023’s REVIVAL!

Carol Christensen with Sound Resonance is leading our sound ceremony during the cacao ceremony. She will also be offering a handful of intimate sessions at the Frequency Lounge.

Corey Ghazvini,  Acupuncturist, will offer “The Yin & Yang of Light, a lecture on electromagnetism and life.”

Alexis Barnett, owner of our sponsors Crystal Portal & Crystal Springs Airbnb, is offering a sound bath during Frequency Church on Sunday. She will also offer cacao on Saturday evening. 

Lydia Reidell offers Resonant Frequency Qigong and Guided Meditation .  She will also co-create sound with Sound Resonance on Saturday night. More about her morning offering: Saturday/Sunday mornings; 9-10 am.  Qigong Practice: We will begin with a few Qigong movement practices to open, clear, and fill your body, specific energy channels, and biofield with frequencies from Earth and Heaven/Cosmos, the purest frequencies available to us for health and vitality. 20-25 minutes.Frequency Meditation: Once your body/channels/Biofield are open, clear, and full, I will lead a guided sound meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls that involves using visualization, your breath, and vocal toning, to anchor planetary frequencies that correspond to the 5 resonant yin organs in your body: Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs. We will end with washing the body and field with Violet Light from Polaris, the North Star. 30 minutes

Nicole Kraeft, event coordinator and behind the scenes magical weaver, is offering a guided meditation during Frequency Church.  She is a space holder for our event!

Amanda Boekhout, host and visionary of REVIVAL, is offering yoga sessions, “I am a Rainbow Body Now” talk, and sessions at the Frequency Lounge.  

Julia & Brad are offering “A Journey into Structured Water” discussion.  Julia will also offer a few tuning fork sessions in the Frequency Lounge on Saturday!

Teylor Parks brings a journey of self discovery and empowerment combining the art of pole fitness, wellness tools, and discussion of health & liberation.  FREQUENCY REVIVAL is excited to be a part of Teylor’s Pole & Positivity summer tour!

Jessica Torel, shaman, will offer a plant medicine talk.

Ivana is a vibrational translator versed in embodiment and sound. She is a vocalist, producer and ecstatic dance lover. She recently completed her YTT 250 hour training as well.  Ivana has many offerings for REVIVAL including being a siren for our “spring song” on Friday and a Rest & Reset session with pranayama and yoga nidra on Saturday. Ivana also leads an intuitive voice activation session at the spring.

Angie offers an an ecstatic dance DJ experience on Friday night!

Amani Trips- Amani’s music runs deep through his dna. He comes from a long lineage of musicians and spiritual teachers.  It wasn’t until a great tragedy in his life and his work with plant medicines that he began making music of his own. He now finds his ultimate joy in creating and facilitating musical experiences.  Amani is thrilled to be bringing the frequency fusion for REVIVAL!  He will be taking us all on a journey through time and space as he shares his vibe with us Saturday night. 

Jessica Clark offers a community reiki healing during our cacao and sound ceremony.  She will also lead a Hatha yoga practice on Friday.

Anita Nix with Feather & Bone, an Earth spirit collection will vend throughout the event. Anita will also lead drumming times.

Alina Amador, visionary art vendor, will offer an interactive painting experience for a max of 10 people.  Saturday she will offer a Rainbow Face painting workshop. She will be vending her art and adornments on Saturday as well!

Devin Constant offers a breath work session and also created a portal installation for the space.  He will also light our event!

Moonstone Finds is a traveling crystal & metaphysical shop. Current Tallahassee locals’ Ben & Brandy live in a converted skoolie and open shop at markets and festivals throughout north and central Florida.  🌙As a long time crystal lover and yoga teacher Brandy’s passion is teaching others what each crystal’s properties are good for and finding the right one for everyone.

Shivambu will offer copper pyramid frequency space to align to higher vibrations!

Galactic Popcycle- cold and sweet treats for a hot summer day!