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  • must be enrolled in one of my courses to add on personal mentoring

Are you taking my course and would love some extra mentorship?  Then this add on is for you.  

For course students only! Limited spots available!

Because you invested in my courses, I offer you mentorship at a special price (normally $99).

Included in a personal mentorship session is:

1. A two week window of email exchange where I can mentor you with: art supplies and technique, idea formulation, creative prompts, inspiration, mindfulness, and/ or critiques of finished or in progress artwork.

2. One- 60-75 minute zoom meeting scheduled within a month from purchase date working with both of our schedules.  This happens after we identify the purpose of the mentorship via email so I can best assist you on your creative journey. 

Having some live and in person feedback can be really beneficial for some!  Don’t be shy, I am happy to work with you individually!

When you purchase you will receive a confirmation email.  Then simply login to the classroom and you will access the lesson which will give you the info you need to work with me!  

If you need more mentorship time after our time together expires, you can repeat this mentorship add on again or we can discuss creating a mentorship program that caters to your needs if my schedule allows. 


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Hello I'm Amanda! I'm an artist and the creator and instructor of this self paced course.

I'm also a mama, wife, certified yoga instructor, friend, sister, daughter, lover, and universal traveler. I received my Masters of Fine Arts in visual art in 2012 and taught as an Adjunct Instructor at Florida State University for 7 years. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from University of Central Florida in 2004. I currently show artwork in Railroad Square Art Park and teach donation based yoga in my community of Tallahassee, Florida.

I am in deep devotion to the divine energies infused in all things! I love to combine art and mindfulness practices to tap into the divine feminine.

I have used symbols in my personal and commissioned artwork for over 20 years. They have helped form a personal mythology that guides me through life in a powerful and loving way!

I am so honored to guide you in this course. It is a true pleasure to share these offerings with you.