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You are officially invited to join my newest course offering!

Dragon Soul Creative: Awakening Multidimensional Bliss 

Join a transformative journey where creativity meets the mystic energy of dragons! Dragon Soul Creative and unlock the door to multidimensional bliss.

Our first live class begins February 29th at 11 am eastern time. 

Discover Your Creative Dragon Companion: Dive into the sacred frequencies of the Bliss Dragon, a playful and benevolent energy eager to guide you on a journey of self-expression and joy.

Embrace Multidimensional Creativity: Unleash your creative potential by tapping into realms beyond the ordinary. Learn how to infuse your daily life with the magic of dragon-inspired creativity.

Dragon Soul Activation: Ignite the magical essence within as you explore the connection between dragons and the limitless wellspring of your imagination. Awaken your Dragon Soul and witness the transformation in your artistic endeavors.

🐉 Course Highlights:

  • Guided Meditation: Immerse yourself in dragon energies through a Bliss Dragon guided meditation designed to connect you with your creative flow.
  • Playful Practices: Embrace the importance of play and rediscover the childlike wonder that fuels the most profound creativity. Engage in interactive and joyful artistic exercises to unlock your imagination.
  • Infuse Energy: Cultivate ways to incorporate dragon-inspired creativity into your daily routine, fostering a deeper connection with your multidimensional self.

🐉 Invest in Yourself and Awaken the Dragon Soul Creativity Within!

welcome in the spring season with benevolent dragons!


Week One: The Dragon Codes – What are they?

  • Introduction to Dragon Codes: Explore the mystical significance of Dragon Codes and how they can elevate different aspects of your life.
  • Dragon Frequency Activation: Learn how to call upon dragon frequencies to infuse more play, love, and integrity into your daily experiences.
  • Live Journey into the Sea of Love:  On zoom February 29th ~ Immerse yourself in a live guided journey, navigating the depths of the Sea of Love surrounded by benevolent dragon energies to harmonize yourself to magic and love.
  • “Sea of Love” Guided Walking Meditation (audio recording): Embark on a walking meditation to deepen your connection with the dragon frequencies and integrate them into your physical surroundings.

Week Two: Meeting the Bliss Dragon

  • Introduction to the Bliss Dragon: Discover the unique qualities of the Bliss Dragon and how her soft, loving expression can enhance your creative endeavors.
  • Live Journey with the Bliss Dragon: Join a live session on zoom March 7th at 11 am eastern to playfully interact with the Bliss Dragon and experience the joy and creativity she brings.
  • Bliss Dragon Coloring Page: Engage in a creative activity with a specially designed coloring page inspired by the Bliss Dragon.
  • Bliss Dragon Art Prompt: Explore your artistic side with a guided art prompt inspired by the essence of the Bliss Dragon.

Week Three: Multidimensional Creative Flow

  • Calling upon Creative Dragon Energies: Delve into the various creative and benevolent dragon energies to enhance your multidimensional creative flow.
  • Dragon Soul Exploration: Investigate the gifts of the unique flavors of the Dragon Soul and understand what this energy creates and transforms to align with high vibrational frequencies.
  • Live Journey into the Fertile Void: Zoom is on March 21, 11 am eastern. (we are skipping spring break week) Experience a live journey into the fertile void of creative potential, tapping into the boundless wellspring of inspiration. And maybe meet a dragon who wishes to infuse high vibes into your creative energy field!
  • Dragon Soul Coloring Pages: Dive into creativity with 3 + dragon-themed coloring pages designed to stimulate your imagination.
  • Dragon Soul Art Prompt: Express your understanding of the Dragon Soul through a guided art prompt, creating visual representations of their transformative energies.


More details:

This course content is released weekly in a drip style.  Once you enroll, you will be able to access the welcome area by logging into the CLASSROOM (in my website’s main menu)

Our first live zoom call is on February 29 at 11 am eastern.

The pre-recorded content for the week will be in the course by the day before the live call for the week.  This keeps the co-creative energy alive for you in the present moment.  I am right there with you in this portal of creativity with our Dragon Souls!

I welcome you to join the live calls if you are able.  However, time and space isn’t real and the live aspects include the energy of all beings who interact with the content as recordings.  It all greets you just as you are in the moment you are receiving it.

That being said, this course can be a completely self paced journey if you are unable or not interested in being present for the live calls.  The recordings of the live calls will be uploaded into the course work by the end of the day. 

Dragon Soul Creative details of the course

About your instructor and guide:

I’m Amanda, your guide on this journey.

I am a frequency keeper of the dragon codes and hold a remembrance of my dragon ancestors in my heart.  The more I consciously work with these frequencies, the more alive they become within and the more I am guided to show up to share them!

I am blending my diverse experiences into the alchemical cauldron of this offering.

I hold a Masters of Fine Arts in visual arts and bring 7 years of wisdom from teaching at the University level.

✨ My journey extends to the realms of Yoga, where I’ve earned a 200-hour teaching certificate, sharing the sacred practice with my community for 5 years. 🧘‍♀️

✨ As a certified Soul Painting instructor under the tutelage of Alena Hennessy, I weave the transformative power of art into the fabric of this course. 

 As a mentor and teacher of frequency, I invite you to explore the realms of energetic resonance. ✨

This course will offer guided energetic  frequency activations AND will include some quality art instruction!

Join me for a heart-led, high-vibrational, and deeply creative experience!

I am confident that the magic we’ll create together will resonate with your soul.