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Journey with the Bliss Dragon

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Hello creative and blissful beauty!

You are officially invited to join my newest mini course offering!

Journey with the Bliss Dragon

Join a transformative journey where creativity meets the sweet and loving energy of the bliss dragon! 

 Dive into the sacred frequencies of the Bliss Dragon, a playful and benevolent energy eager to guide you on a journey of self-expression and joy.

 Ignite the magical essence within as you explore the connection between the bliss dragon and the wellspring of your imagination. 

🐉 Course Highlights:

  • Guided Meditative Journey: Immerse yourself in dragon energies through a Bliss Dragon guided mindful journey designed to connect you with your creative flow.
  • Playful Practices: Embrace the importance of play and rediscover the childlike wonder that fuels the most profound creativity. Engage in artistic exercises to unlock your imagination.

🐉 Invest in Yourself and Awaken the Blissful Creativity Within!

This is a self paced course with content that can be completed in a week or so.

What’s included in the self paced mini course? 

  • Introduction to the Bliss Dragon: Discover the unique qualities of the Bliss Dragon and how her soft, loving expression can enhance your creative endeavors.
  • Journey with the Bliss Dragon: Playfully interact with the Bliss Dragon and experience the joy and creativity she brings. Guided energetic activation.
  • Bliss Dragon Coloring Page: Engage in a creative activity with a specially designed coloring page inspired by the Bliss Dragon.
  • Bliss Dragon Painting lesson: Explore your artistic side with a guided art prompt inspired by the essence of the Bliss Dragon.

Enjoy the adventure with a new dragon friend! Carve out some time for magic and creative practice with a new flavor.

Right now the self paced mini course is just $22!

Regular price of $44 begins May 1, 2024.

 Reserve your spot and embark on a sweet journey of creative transformation!

About your instructor and guide:

I’m Amanda, your guide on this journey.

I am a frequency keeper of the dragon codes and hold a remembrance of my dragon ancestors in my heart.  The more I consciously work with these frequencies, the more alive they become within and the more I am guided to show up to share them!

I am blending my diverse experiences into the alchemical cauldron of this offering.

I hold a Masters of Fine Arts in visual arts and bring 7 years of wisdom from teaching at the University level.

✨ My journey extends to the realms of Yoga, where I’ve earned a 200-hour teaching certificate, sharing the sacred practice with my community for 5 years. 🧘‍♀️

✨ As a certified Soul Painting instructor under the tutelage of Alena Hennessy, I weave the transformative power of art into the fabric of this course. 

 As a mentor and teacher of frequency, I invite you to explore the realms of energetic resonance. ✨

This course will offer a guided energetic frequency activation AND will include some quality art instruction!

Join me for a heart-led, high-vibrational, creative experience!

I am confident that the magic we’ll create together will resonate with your soul.

Thank you for taking a peek at my offering!  I appreciate you being here.

xo Amanda