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Ostara Mini Course

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Hello beautiful creative beings!  

I have made a sweet mini course for you.

Join me for an easy and loving creative project to usher in the spring season wherever you are!

This course is for playful and curious creatives who love to play with painting, drawing, collage, etc.  Any art materials can be used to create!

I invite you to make a 2 hour date with yourself or a small group of friends and get into a juicy creative flow!

Creativity is a tangible way to tap into our divine feminine energy and come into alignment and balance with intuition!

Flow state feels SO GOOD!  The more we show up and cultivate a relationship with our creativity, the better we feel!  

Ultimately, this mini course invites you to set aside expectations for the art piece itself and instead focus on enjoying the process.  No one ever has to see it!  If you create something wonderful- that’s an added bonus.