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SHAKTI MOON Live 2024 – enrollment closed

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Hello loves!! I am excited to offer this mindful art course with lots of extras.  You will receive three art project prompts with guidance for composition and imagery inspo. All of the projects are inspired by LA LUNA! the moon! And her mystery and her natural cycles, and her magic!

Also all the projects will be inspired by SHAKTI ~ the divine feminine creative essence infused in all things everywhere! 

There will also be written guidance and suggested art materials within the course.

Our 60-75 minute live calls on zoom will be January 11, 18, 25, and February 1st at 11 am eastern time.

During our first three live calls I will guide you in breath, movement, visualizations, and frequency activations.  The fourth call will be an artwork sharing and heart sharing circle!  Let’s GATHER! Let us honor our cycles and come as we are and express how we wish to express!! 

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’ll be your guide.  

Here are lots of fun things I’ve said yes to in my life that make me a great space holder for this offering! I have a Masters of Fine Arts in visual arts and 7 years teaching experience at the University level.  I have a 200 hour yoga teaching certificate and have been teaching yoga in my community for 5 years.  I am a certified Soul Painting instructor from the mentorship of Alena Hennessy.   I also mentor and teach people about frequency!  

This course brings alllll of these parts together for a high vibrational heart led creative experience. 

I know you will love it!  Now it’s just time to set aside some time to activate some divine SHAKTI juices to lube you up for the transformative year of 2024. 

Let’s see the full schedule…

(above photo by Morelia

What you can expect/ what to prepare for!

Before you begin ~ make space in your energy field to receive this offering.  Gather and/or purchase materials and surfaces to make art with! Block off time to immerse yourself in SHAKTI MOON!

Week One January 11

Moon Meditations ~ Dance with the cycles of life 

An exploration of the cyclical nature of life, the dance between yin and yang. Join the live call for a guided visualization and inspiration! Dive into the serene world of black, white, and grey as we explore contrast, value, and the beauty of balance. Let the moon be your muse in this calming and reflective art project.

Week Two January 18

Intimate Phases ~ Personalize Your Moon’s Form

Join the live call or watch replay for a guided meditation on the many cycles and flavors of SHAKTI.  Create a mood board. This project empowers you to select or craft a surface in the shape of the moon. Dive into a specific color palette curated by your very own moody moon mood board, adorned with intentional symbols close to your heart. Let your heart soar with SHAKTI during this artistic journey.

Week Three January 25

Shakti Moon ~ Wild Creatrix 

Join live or watch replay for a Shakti Activation with an invitation to move and express with your magical life force and your body temple! In the art prompt, we delve into the intricacies of color, proportion, emphasis, balance, and clarity. This project invites you to harness symbols that represent the creative energy flowing within you, creating a visual landscape bursting with expressive vitality. This is where your artistic spirit truly takes flight! You are invited to paint on a custom crescent moon panel handmade by my father and me. (see below for details)

Week Four February 1st

Sacred Share ~ Shine your Mysterious Light

Join live for an empowering guided meditation and claim your most magnificent version/ your highest self to be your guide on your path of creative SHAKTI awakening and remembering.  We will share our artwork and our take aways.  We will come together in sacred circle and support and honor one another as we are.


This is a drip course meaning the self paced/ pre-recorded content for the week will be released at 7 am each Thursday for 4 weeks.  The first content drop is January 11. 

If your schedule allows, you are invited to join our LIVE calls on Thursdays at 11 am eastern time on zoom.  These also begin January 11.  There will be four live meet ups. If you are working during that time, they will be recorded and uploaded to the course by the next day so you are able to receive the juicy activations and meditations that greet you where you are. 

After the last scheduled course drop on February 1, you will have access to the entire course to work at your pace and revisit anytime!  


Custom Crescent Moon Panel ADD ON

If you would like to paint on a custom crescent moon wood panel for the art prompt for week three, please order one asap!  These panels are handcrafted by my father and master craftsman Tom Boekhout.  The two images above show paintings I have made with the surfaces my dad made me.  They are so nice!  I will hand sand these (or choose the primed option and I’ll prep them for you). I will ship them before we begin our course if you order now. These are being made and will ship out January 8-10.  Choose an option and purchase your custom panel HERE!