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SYMBOL is a course for curious makers who wish to deepen their relationship to the creative flow with symbols as a guide.  

Visual images hold meaning and power. Think about the power of a simple peace sign or stop sign. 

What happens when we cultivate a relationship with the images we are personally drawn to?  

We are able to deepen into the wisdom infused in the images.  They are able to guide us to authentic places.  Places of joy, healing, surrender, bliss, peace, loving awareness, and beyond.  When we pay attention to the images that we are drawn to and practice creating with them, they become our personal symbols.  They allow us to weave conversations with our creative flow- our innate divine nature.  

Over time with practice and commitment, the relationship with our inner divinity deepens. This opens us up to moving more into balance.  This allows us to have a more meaningful relationship with ourselves and all beings everywhere.  

Symbols are all around us all the time!  Let us infuse creativity and claim symbols as our own to heal, grow, and vibrate high!

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what’s included

In this course you will receive eight robust lessons that build up on one another.  We start with awareness of the imagery and symbols we are naturally drawn to.  Then we play with a variety of art materials to come into creative flow.  

Each lesson has a “musings” video with accompanying text and images.  This area of each lesson gives an overview of the ideas to consider.  Some have slides. Some have exercises to complete before moving on.  Some have mindfulness practices to come into coherence before creating.  

Each lesson also has at least one studio video.  In these videos you see an overhead view of me making artwork and using a variety of materials on paper.  I go over some techniques, some design and composition information, and some color palette guidance.  Lots of areas are sped up so you won’t have to spend too much time watching the videos.  These videos are intended to inspire you and give you ideas about materials and ways to use them.  They are intended to be a jumping off point! 

The sky is the limit for what you can create with symbols as your guide!  My videos are beginner friendly.  Wherever you are in your creative journey can be applied to this course.  Maybe you love really realistic and detailed art.  Maybe you are wild and expressive!  Maybe you like minimalism.  Maybe you are bold and graphic as an artist. All of these styles and more work well in this course. You can spend 30 minutes on a lesson or 3+ hours! 

What kind of commitment are you able to give yourself to deepening into the creative flow? You are the boss/ the queen/ the creator of your experience!

Overall I have created a course that feels inspiring and enjoyable to participate in.  This course is more about coming into a relationship with creativity than it is about a “finished product”. The energy and healing and emotions we feel and move through as we make art is the emphasis.  If you make something amazing in the process- that’s an extra bonus!