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Stem Cell Activation Patches, also called anti-aging patches, use photobiomodulation to activate stem cell creation in the body!  This is patented, tested, non transdermal, non invasive, organic nano crystal tech.  The body uses these new cells to heal and thrive in remarkable ways.  

Meet LifeWave X39 and see for yourself how this simple patch creates amazing results for you and the ones you love.  

How to move forward:

First visit this website for all the details and science behind these patches.  The testimonials are INCREDIBLE. Discover how people are finding: pain and inflammation relief, skin support, immune system support, hair growth, eye, teeth and gum health, energy enhancement, sound sleep, and on and on. 

Is this a YES?  Amazing!

Next step:


Choose your package by viewing the form below.  No need to fill out my form (that’s just if you want me to enroll you), instead, choose your package and check out on my Lifewave affiliate site here.  

If you have questions about any part of the process, I am so happy to assist you on your journey to a thriving body and life. 

I’m here to mentor you however you need regarding these patches.  Text “stem cell patches” to 3 2 1 – 5 0 5 – 0 2 7 4 and we can set up a call.  Contact me if you have questions or you are ready to place your order. 

My story with the patches:

I started my frequency wellness journey with Healy, a frequency device that sends high vibrational frequencies to the body and energy field to optimize the body (The Professional model of Healy does have stem cell frequency sets that are effective).  

Then I learned about Lifewave X39 and I wanted to try them out!  I used these patches religiously for 7 months alongside my use of Healy.  When introducing the patches, I noticed the skin on my face tighten, my energy levels improve, and my ability to build muscle drastically improve.  I actually didn’t know that the Healy had stem cell regeneration programs and I was using the Healy for nervous system and hormonal regulation and overall reduction in physical pain.  

I wasn’t really sure if the patches were doing what I thought they were because I had more than one “biohacking” modality going at once.  

Once I learned that the Healy had a stem cell frequency set, I decided to take a break from the patches.  Could I just use the Healy and get the same effects?

The short answer is NO. 

After almost three months of not using the patches I notices a decrease in muscle mass, wrinkles coming back on my face, and less sustained energy, and less optimal sleep.  So it really was the patches that were inviting my body to create stem cells that were creating these positive transformations in my body!  

Now I know.  And I feel like my testimony including the time away gives even more evidence that these little patches WORK.  

Alas, I’m back in the practice of wearing my patch 12 hours on, 12 hours off everyday. 


ps. You can also become a distributer and get discounted prices, and receive commissions when you share with your friends!  I am so happy to share more via phone call or email me [email protected]

To your HEALTH!

xo Amanda

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