stem cell patches

Stem Cell Activation Patches, also called anti-aging patches, use photobiomodulation to activate stem cell creation in the body!  This is patented, tested, non transdermal, non invasive, organic nano crystal tech.  The body uses these new cells to heal and thrive in remarkable ways.  

Meet LifeWave X39 and see for yourself how this simple patch creates amazing results for you and the ones you love.  

How to move forward:

First visit this website for all the details and science behind these patches.  The testimonials are INCREDIBLE. Discover how people are finding: pain and inflammation relief, skin support, immune system support, hair growth, eye, teeth and gum health, energy enhancement, sound sleep, and on and on. 

Is this a YES?  Amazing!

Next step:


Choose your package by viewing the form below and gather information needed so I can personally enroll you by phone. Another option is to fill out the form and text to me and I’ll enroll you from there. 

The website is tricky and confusing!  If you want to try it out instead of me enrolling you- you are welcome to try!  For some reason they make you choose your X39 sleeves to add to your order even though the package you choose should add them for you.  Here’s my website!

I am so happy to assist you on your journey to a thriving body and life.  I will never pressure you to purchase anything ever.

I’m here to mentor you however you need regarding these patches.  Text “stem cell patches” to 3 2 1 – 5 0 5 – 0 2 7 4 and we can set up a call.  Contact me if you have questions or you are ready to place your order. 

You can also become a distributer and get discounted prices, and receive commissions when you share with your friends!  I am so happy to share more via phone call.

To your HEALTH!

xo Amanda