Welcome to the Quantum Collection curated by me- Amanda Boekhout aka DIVINE FEM.  

The mission of this collection is to offer you a high quality selection of tools to bring your body/mind/spirit into harmonization.  The most exquisite and elegant way to bring you into this alignment is with frequency medicine and the support of the quantum field.  The quantum field is timeless energy that aligns you to your optimal blueprint.  These curated tools invite your body to access and integrate this wisdom and bring you back to your most whole and healed self!

The tools and events gathered here are hand selected and tested by me to ensure quality and safety for all.

Browse the Healy and MagHealy for personal, spacial, and water activating frequency devices.  Browse stem cell activation patches to activate your DNA and regenerate you at a cellular level with phototherapy. Browse events & workshops for in person and online offerings to support your most radiant expression! Simply click on one of the tiles above.

It is my absolute honor to be your mentor and guide as you navigate and decide which tools to invite into your life.

Once you browse these selections, please reach out so we can have a conversation about what choice will align best with you. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase anything.  I am here to support whatever choices you make for yourself at this time.  

xo Amanda