Welcome Women’s Synergy Collective!  Thank you so much for receiving this gift.  And thanks SO much to the generosity of Whitney Freya!  It is such a pleasure to have you here at DIVINE FEM.  Feel free to browse my entire website for all the offerings I have for you.  This page is private so it’s only accessible from the link associated with Whitney’s event. 

Below is a 30 minute video I created just for you meditating on the symbol of Shakti Fire. Several artworks are created in various materials and styles to inspire you! If you feel called to create alongside me, please gather art materials and let it flow!

Any materials you have and love will be wonderful to explore the flames of transformation with me! If you wish to find what I am using, I have several linked materials listed below the video. 

If you like my teaching style and wish to dive deeper, check out SYMBOL, my full length course Whitney spoke of HERE. 

In addition, I’d love to offer you 20% off anything in my art shop using the code SYNERGY at checkout.  See my art shop HERE!

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Materials used:

(all linked to Amazon with my affiliate partnership.  Feel free to shop elsewhere like Dick Blick or Cheap Joes!)

Super Black India Ink

Watercolor paper that I use

Other watercolor paper I like here and a round one I love here.

Golden fluid acrylics- gold

Caran D’ache Set

Sable hair round brush set

White chalk pencil

Posca Paint Pen sets here and here.

Chalk Pastel set

AND for the MagHealy running the atmosphere program “creativity” check out my webpage here!

Thank you so much for creating with me!  I would love to connect with you so feel free to email me and say hello anytime by emailing [email protected]

For a monthly newsletter and occasional additional passion project emails, stay in touch here!

And I’ve placed some of my paintings and digital works featuring flames below for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.  

One more thing! I love mentoring people with their creative process.  If you would like to have a personal deep dive session with me regarding your art practice and/ or would like to have my eyes on your work for loving critiques or inspiring ideas for things to do with your art business, I accept just a small handful of mentees monthly.  See the offering HERE!

Sending you all so much love!